100% Grass Fed and Grass Finished Whey Protein

Whey protein in general is a great source of b vitamins, proteins, amino acids, as well as minerals. When grass fed it removes the herbicide and pesticide concerns of conventional grain fed whey protein as well as increasing the overall nutrition substantially.

The majority of “grass-fed” and “organic” whey protein, especially from the United States, is not genuine. They are feeding the animal corn stalks and soybeans which counts as “grass,” while organically raised cattle are still getting “organic” corn and soy in their feed.

By sourcing our grass-fed whey protein from New Zealand we can ensure that those “shady” marketing practices are not of concern.

Customer Reviews

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I've been drinking this in the morning with one of the Best Bars for breakfast and I noticed a big difference in my energy levels throughout the day, which translated to more intense workouts as well. I don't know how much if it is a placebo effect, maybe it is, but it's like night and day compared with conventional whey powder. I don't want to go back.

Cleanest protein I've ever tasted

The flavor is incredibly subtle so it makes it so you can mix with many other things I throw a banana and blueberries as most people do, but for the most part I really like how there isn't a heavy taste of vanilla and whatever hundred other additives there are in other powders. Most other vanilla protein powders remind me of throwup.

Sherry Pavlinec
Love it! Satiating with yogurt & fruit- Daily

I am addicted to this - I sadly have GERD & Hiatal hernia / dietary issues.
I don’t want to load up on Chemicals, this is perfect protein💜 I eat 5 days a week as late breakfast - believe it, I’m not hungry until dinner & have energy as active mom.. tummy happy, heathy, & delicious in my coconut milk unsweetened vanilla yogurt, organic frozen berries & bit of raw honey 2 scoops of whey. Good to go go ! Worth every penny😊…thx so much for this product - now my son uses! A+++

Carl M
Returning Customer

I have been using this for a few months now and I am very happy with it. The flavor is very nice and simple (buttermilk-like as mentioned in a previous review) so I don't mix it with anything other than water although it would be good in smoothies or with milk if desired. I have had no form of stomach or other digestive issues with it and will continue to use it.

Alexis Aguirre
100% grass fed protein

Packaging very simple. Product itself is very good and delicious. I love the fact that there is only one ingredient. Will buy again