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Scandinavian fishermen often have a belief in the nearly magical value of cod or halibut liver oil, and some of them will toss off, most likely in the morning, the equivalent
of a wineglassful.

Liver is already a nutrient powerhouse but fish liver is even better, it contains omega 3 fatty acids and iodine, two things most people are missing in adequate amounts in their diets. 

Be mindful of nutrient synergy, our past ancestors who were consuming cod liver oil were getting many hours of sun per day for Vitamin D3, and consumed many fermented foods for Vitamin K2 intake. 


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Brittany Turkowski
First time trying any cod liver oil

Wow the quality is amazing! I have taken fish oil for a while, but I struggled to find a good quality one that wasn’t rancid and stinky by the time I got it. This was my first time purchasing any cod liver oil. I can tell it is fresh and great quality. I noticed I have more energy when taking it. I feel nourished. I can’t see myself buying fish oil pills found in stores. They are junk compared to this. Thank you Frankie Boi

Yeon Lee

Thanks for offering high quality of cod liver oil. I take this everyday. For several days, I forgot to take this and get a cold. I took this again and my cold disappeared. Such a good product

Vacciani Coore

I compared the nutritional value to big named brands and Frankie’s product blow theirs out the water! Thanks for providing such high quality nutrient dense foods!

felix beaudin
very good stuff

very good stuff

Sami Murtaza
Tastes better than Rosita IMO

Previously had used rosita. I've been buying Frankies products over well established names because 1) I like supporting smaller companies 2) They have more emphasis on quality due to their size and 3) He's pedantic when it comes to what he wants in his products. Frankies Raw Cod Liver oil tastes better than the well known Rosita Raw Cod liver oil. Well done!