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Pork is corn and soy free raised on the famous acorn-rich pasture of Spain.

Why Free Range?

The nutrition of our food depends on how it was grown, especially animal products. These vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids are stored in the protein and fat, determining both taste and nutrient content. Feedlot animals are not only missing the quality diet that make their meat taste good, they can have "off" flavors, a lower nutrient content, and an imbalanced fatty acid ratio. We strive to procure quality animal products that are both enjoyable and nutritious, as it should be.


Our lard is low temperature rendered. We keep the temperature low to maintain nutrition and prevent degrading the fat.

Customer Reviews

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Its really delicious

I do enjoy it especially for frying foods, gives it a nice flavor thats hard for me to describe, but it definitely rounds out baked goods too. only sadness is that its so small for the price T~T

Matthew Kagan
Like bacon but better!

Like cooking eggs with bacon but without the corn and soy pigs!

Brandi Shaeffer
Saturated Fat for the WIN

Have you read the book "The Big Fat Surprise"?? It will blow your mind. Our great great grandparents cooked in lard & tallow and very rarely dealt with heart disease, and diabetes was practically unheard of. Oils go rancid and can wreak inflammatory havoc in your body. Since switching to butter, ghee, lard & tallow, I have lost 16 lbs & my blood work is pristine. I love the way foods fry in lard with the high smoke point. Turn pan fried brussel sprouts into a meaty flavorful side dish to go with your brisket or pork roast :)

Haram Police

It’s Haram bro

Eric Gearhart

Nice size. Just a 1/2 tablespoon for pan frying and you're ready to go!