Frankie's Free Range Foods

Raw Honey Glucose

from $7.00

Upon exploring the best sources of energy for our bodies anyone would quickly discover that all input, whether fat or carbohydrates, ends up as glucose, simply because all cells in our bodies use glucose to function. These processes require various enzymes and organs which certainly stress our body’s metabolism and digestion.

Unfortunately there is no natural source of pure glucose in nature. Most carbohydrates require starch digestive enzymes to be broken down into glucose, and honey is bundled with an equal amount of fructose which certainly stresses our liver. When you need to consume large amounts of foods for performance, it seems like there is an inevitable downside of stressing your body’s organ systems.

That's where we come in. We are proud to present Nature’s Glucose, a raw honey product made from 75%+ glucose, the purest form of energy possible.

Frankie's Free Range Foods

100% Grass Fed and Grass Finished Whey Protein

from $30.00

Whey protein in general is a great source of b vitamins, proteins, amino acids, as well as minerals. When grass fed it removes the herbicide and pesticide concerns of conventional grain fed whey protein as well as increasing the overall nutrition substantially.

The majority of “grass-fed” and “organic” whey protein, especially from the United States, is not genuine. They are feeding the animal corn stalks and soybeans which counts as “grass,” while organically raised cattle are still getting “organic” corn and soy in their feed.

By sourcing our grass-fed whey protein from New Zealand we can ensure that those “shady” marketing practices are not of concern.