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4oz of Kefir Grains

Water kefir grains create a high-probiotic beverage from any sugar source. (sugar water, juice) Live active grains can create a new batch of water kefir every 48-72 hours. 

Water Kefir cultures are found around the world, having a mix of Lactobacillus, Streptococcus, Pediococcus and Leuconostoc bacteria, with yeasts from Saccharomyces, Kloeckera and possibly others.

Great alternative to dairy kefir and can be flavored with increased variety! 

4oz of kefir grains is enough to make one half gallon of water kefir. Combine kefir grains with 60oz of water, 4oz sugar, and 2 tablespoons of molasses. Takes anywhere from 2-3 days depending on ambient room temperature. Water kefir can then be strained off from the grains and a second fermentation with more sugar, fruit, and flavorings can create a delicious probiotic drink!

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I’m a novice when it comes to kefir

I enjoyed Frank’s video about the strains and how to make it. I have begun my first batch tonight and am excited to see how it will turn out. What blew my mind is that one cup of grains is an endless supply because they keep multiplying. And they provide incredible nutrition. I’ll update this review after the batch is complete and I get more experience with the process.

Get some!

The kefir grains arrived quickly and I immediately mixed them with sugar and molasses to propagate more. The fermentation was slow as it was still cold here in Colorado. It's warming up a bit now and I am able to grow them more quickly. I have managed to double the grains and am now will be doing a second ferment in the next day or so. Really looking forward to it.

Great Water Kefir Grains

I’ve been feeding them the past few days and they’ve tripled in size. Great product :)


Water Kefir Grains

Great Value!

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