Upon exploring the best sources of energy for our bodies anyone would quickly discover that all input, whether fat or carbohydrates, ends up as glucose, simply because all cells in our bodies use glucose to function. These processes require various enzymes and organs which certainly stress our body’s metabolism and digestion.

Unfortunately there is no natural source of pure glucose in nature, most carbohydrates require starch digestive enzymes to be broken down into glucose. When you need to consume large amounts of foods for performance, it seems like there is an inevitable downside of stressing your body’s organ systems.

That's where Flextrose come in. We are proud to present, a 100% glucose powder, the purest form of energy possible. 

Customer Reviews

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Joseph E.
Another win

I drink this for preworkout or just when I need a little energy boost and it is absolutely fantastic. Not too sweet tasting and really picks you up. Another great product from Frankie.

Honestly... fantastic

I disagree with a review I read here that says it's too sweet, I think it's a perfect level of being pleasantly palatable while NOT being all that sweet to consume. Adding flextrose to my daily routine has given me more energy and made me feel healthier as I work long long hours, it really helps!

Abdirahman Adam
Really sweet powder

I wasn’t expecting it to be the sweet so it will be best for me to use it sometimes.

Eyad Mansour

Only organic carb powder on the market!

Hector Hernandez

FLEXTROSE Premier Glucose Drink