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All of our beef is 100% Grass Fed and Grass finished raised on Pasture year round.

Why Free Range?

The nutrition of our food depends on how it was grown, especially animal products. These vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids are stored in the protein and fat, determining both taste and nutrient content. Feedlot animals are not only missing the quality diet that make their meat taste good, they can have "off" flavors, a lower nutrient content, and an imbalanced fatty acid ratio. We strive to procure quality animal products that are both enjoyable and nutritious, as it should be.


Our tallow is low temperature rendered. We keep the temperature low to maintain nutrition and prevent degrading the fat.

Customer Reviews

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Sherry Pavlinec
Super to fry or bake ! Wonderful product & priced right!

We love tallow from our kitty: rabbit food to baking potatoes- so yummy & pure - I have GI issues never with any of Frankie Free Rage food - all above expectations!
Great company - !

Dean Kitai
Beef Tallow

Amazing taste! Shippment came in pretty fast. Will be regularly ordering.

The BEST Natural Moisturizer

I have been using this as a facial moisturizer and my skin has never looked healthier. No more weird chemicals to slather on my face. Thank you Frank, you're the best and keep going! Also, move to Wyoming! Less taxes and overall better life.

Best hash browns ever

Honestly, compared to "good" butter nowadays, it's very competitively priced. Once I got used to the grass-fed mineral taste, I was hooked. This stuff makes ridiculous hash browns, especially with the seasoning.

Amazing cooking fat!

For over a year now I'm almost exclusively cooking with this amazing fat!
Don't get me wrong: it's not delicious on its own. It's pretty beefy and bland actually.
But let me assure you, with no cooking fat I feel that amazing after eating than with this tallow.
When I use ghee, the ghee seems to become rancid at a certain point. (Other oils are already rancid before cooking)
This fat though is just pure goodness!