Our beef jerky is as pure as can be! 100% Grass Fed meat dried at a low temperature 

Plain Jerky: Nothing added (NO SALT)

 Flavored Jerky: Organic Coconut Aminos, Frankie's Steak Seasoning (Organic)

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
My favorite beef jerky I've ever tried

I can never go back to that store bought stuff. Highest quality I've ever eaten, perhaps the pinnacle. Seriously! :)

Flavored jerky

This is the only jerky that doesn't upset my stomach. Simple ingredients and tons of flavor.
Does not taste like your traditional commercial jerky, but I really enjoy the flavor combination.
Please don't stop making these.

Arthur Fool
It’s Beef Jerky. A Dried High Quality Meat. Simple.

I got the Plain Beef Jerky. I enjoyed it!! But for my personal preference it was too dry and lean. I usually go for Biltong which tends to be fattier and juicier! That’s my only con. I love how big the pieces are. You get about 4oz for $15 whereas anywhere else you get just 2 oz for $8 (yikes amirite?) So yes, I enjoyed the Beef Jerky. I would LOVE it if it was fattier and juicer :)
Thank You Frank.
You’re a lifesaver ❤️

Ximena Salmeron
Thinly cut deliciousness!!

These are more like meat chips. They taste amazing, well seasoned and great texture!

Pretty good - like beef "chips"

It's not what I expected and it doesn't look like the pictures. It's basically thin beef crisps. I actually quite like it but it isn't the same as beef jerky. I think it would be good for dieters as its very thin, crispy, crunchy, and yet satisfying. I like to take the unflavored one and dip it into soy sauce + black pepper.

Personally, I enjoy the "crispiness", so please keep it around!