Scandinavian fishermen often have a belief in the nearly magical value of cod or halibut liver oil, and some of them will toss off, most likely in the morning, the equivalent
of a wineglassful.

Liver is already a nutrient powerhouse but fish liver is even better, it contains omega 3 fatty acids and iodine, two things most people are missing in adequate amounts in their diets. 

Be mindful of nutrient synergy, our past ancestors who were consuming cod liver oil were getting many hours of sun per day for Vitamin D3, and consumed many fermented foods for Vitamin K2 intake. 


Customer Reviews

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Todd Morales
Thank you so much

absolutely love your products Frankie, thank you for all the hard work

Lauren Gallucci
Love it

Best cod liver oil of all time
Tastes fresh

Needs improvement

I purchased this several months ago and only take it 1-2 times a week so it lasted a while. I have two major issues with this. It is raw and does not list an expiration date. I am pregnant so I was hesistant to take it after a month or so. My second issue is the jar only says the word “wild” which means nothing. It does not say 100% wild caught cod. I am uncomfortable with the fact it does not state this and feel someone like Frank should know better. I will not repurchase until the quality and sourcing are more transparent on packaging

Hight quality

This is the best cod liver oil. I tried all major brands oils and none comes even close.

Ananke Logos
High quality, no rancid taste

Taking this was overall cheaper and less hassle than eating ikura for the purposes of maintaining Omega-3 levels. Very great taste, and I've tasted three other types of cod liver oil products and this one doesn't have the weird taste that I have came to dislike from conventional sources of cod liver oil, whether it be fermented, flavored, or from a can of cod liver in its own oil. It almost tastes like Halibut which is a compliment as I like Halibut. As someone else have said in their review, it is the best cod liver oil around.