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2oz (24 Servings) 

Scandinavian fishermen often have a belief in the nearly magical value of cod or halibut liver oil, and some of them will toss off, most likely in the morning, the equivalent
of a wineglassful.

Liver is already a nutrient powerhouse but fish liver is even better, it contains omega 3 fatty acids and iodine, two things most people are missing in adequate amounts in their diets. 

Be mindful of nutrient synergy, our past ancestors who were consuming cod liver oil were getting many hours of sun per day for Vitamin D3, and consumed many fermented foods for Vitamin K2 intake. 


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Amazing Flavor

The flavor of this cod liver oil is not over powering. It perfect for someone who hates the taste of fish.

Just like when I was a kid.

The first time i have ever had the teal deal.

kenneth johnson
Good taste

I like it I had kept me felling a bit less sick with colds but I havent really noticed anything else it seems to take a bit longer to absorb the nutrients in it

Wesley Becker
Frankie is the best

You the man Frankie

High quality fish oil

Also a first time consumer of cod liver oil. It has a very strong flavor, so I wouldn't recommend eating anything else for a bit after consuming it. The oil will coat your throat for a while, tainting the pallate for about 15 minutes or so. I find it to be a pleasant flavor. A friend of mine turned me on to algae oils as an alternative to fish oils, due to their minimalized flavor profile (which he attributed to less oxidization to my recollection); however, I have not had the same experience with this fish oil product as with others. That "fishy" taste that comes with most is simply not present. It has a very "clean" taste, though strong. Not as neutral as the algae oils, but still very good. I was put off by the high price initially, but have found it a good investment. I take a dropper each day when I wake up, and it goes a long way thus far.