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Wagyu beef is widely considered the most premium meat on the market – and 100% grass-fed Wagyu beef is the best of the best. The meat is both tender and delicious, containing nutrients, Omega-3s and vitamins. This is beef raised the right way, by people who care, with beautiful natural marbling that helps ensure each piece of award-winning First Light grass-fed Wagyu beef is juicy and full of flavor.

Why Free Range?

The nutrition of our food depends on how it was grown, especially animal products. These vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids are stored in the protein and fat, determining both taste and nutrient content. Feedlot animals are not only missing the quality diet that make their meat taste good, they can have "off" flavors, a lower nutrient content, and an imbalanced fatty acid ratio. We strive to procure quality animal products that are both enjoyable and nutritious, as it should be.


Great for cooking or making mayonnaise!

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Great for skin uses & cooking

Absorbs into the skin very quickly & gives you a nice glow. For cooking, you hardly have to use much of it, less than a teaspoon is usually enough to cover the entire surface of the average pan.


Taste so good and top quality grass fed too!

Best Tallow for Skin

I have had skin issues for years and the best thing for my skin has always been tallow as recommend by Dr. Natasha of the GAPS diet. This Tallow is the most healing and absorbable tallow I have ever used. It works in minutes as compared to the 45 minutes needed for other tallows absorb. It is also good for cooking.

Great Product, But Wrong Sized Jar

I received this item in a smaller jar than advertised, only receiving about 6oz of tallow. Frank said that the jars were the wrong size, but didn't explain if the jar I received was the wrong size, being too small, or if the advertised jar at 8 oz. was too large. In a recent YouTube video, Frank said that his tallow was better than the competition's (like Epic) because you could get more from two of his jars than from one of theirs for a lower cost. The product itself is great, however Franks customer service and communication is lackluster.


First Light 100% Grass Fed Wagyu Beef Tallow