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Pemmican is a mixture of tallow, dried meat, and sometimes dried berries. A caloric rich food, it can be used as a key component in prepared meals or eaten raw. Historically, it was an important part of indigenous cuisine in certain parts of North America and it is still prepared today.


Ingredients: Grass Fed Freeze Dried Ground Beef, Grass Fed Beef Tallow, Raw Honey, Organic Blueberry Powder, Mountain Salt 

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Brendan Ruh
Absolutely delicious

I love this stuff. Nutrient dense, clean, affordable.

I take it everywhere. Best travel food out there.

Bryan DiMesio
Wonderful snack for keto and carnivore diet

I thought the flavor was fantastic. The balance of sweet from the blueberry and the salty back notes work well together with the bar. I was trying to find a solution to wanting a break from fasting and this is it. I'll definitely be buying more. Fantastic product.


I never tried pemmican before. When I took my first bite of this, I was surprised how soft and gooey it is, and a little sweet, so that I fooled myself for a second into thinking it's a treat. By the end of it, it's not as palatable as I thought at first. It's just not salty or sweet enough to be something that you look forward to eating. I wouldn't want to eat more than one a day. But it's not supposed to be a dessert, it's a survival food meant to replace meals in a pinch, and I felt good after eating it because of the quality of the ingredients.

B wilson
First time trying pemmican

First time trying it out, gotta say frankies a good place to start! My only grip is blue berry just doesn't mesh well with the texture of pemmican itself. I'd definitely buy more when I decide to go camping however

Great snack or trail food. Also great for emergency supplies and the home.

Taste and texture are excellent. Hard to get a better package of nutrients, fat and protein. I only wish there was a version with no honey or blueberries for the pure carnivores.