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Pemmican is a mixture of tallow, dried meat, and sometimes dried berries. A caloric rich food, it can be used as a key component in prepared meals or eaten raw. Historically, it was an important part of indigenous cuisine in certain parts of North America and it is still prepared today.

2oz Blueberry Honey

Ingredients: Grass Fed Dried Ground Beef, Grass Fed Beef Tallow, Organic Raw Honey, Organic Dried Blueberries, Sea Salt

12oz Plain Brick

Ingredients: Grass Fed Dried Ground Beef, Grass Fed Beef Tallow, Sea Salt

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Sticks to you teeth and tasted weird/bitter. First time trying pemmican, so I don't know if it's supposed to taste/feel like that.


I got bone broth that was labeled not for human consumption the company texted me that it was only Miss labeled. A liverwurst does not taste like liverwurst does not look like liverwurst and the steaks Soso.


I bought four of the plain pemmican. Surprised by the sandy, crumbly texture. Slightly bitter, which I liked. Uses high quality fat. Not overly beefy. Perfect amount of salt, a tiny presence in every bite. Enough to enhance flavor rather than detract from it. A little forewarning: the pemmican kinda melts & then sticks in your teeth! Reminds me of Chinese pork floss, in a way. I love it! As an adventurous eater & student of traditional foodways, I feel privileged to have access to clean, quality pemmican.

How I eat this: Currently, I'm doing a low-carb OMAD/20:4 hybrid. Basically, I break my fast w/a small bite. Maybe a 2nd bite, after 1-2 mins of checking in w/my body. This holds me over the next 30-60 mins it'll take to cook my meal & actually sit down to eat. Way more satiating than your usual carby snack!

Thanks, Frankie, for putting your spin on this amazing food tradition & offering it up for us! Eager to order the blueberry-honey pemmican for next time.

Blessings to all.

Christian Cameron
A wilderness surprise

I bought a box of these for a trip in Ontario’s north by canoe. As a 62 year-old I was amazed by the amount of energy I got from even 1/2 a bar. I disliked the taste at first but now I love it. Better by far than any trail food I’ve ever had and I’ve been a wilderness camper for 50 years.


It was a perfect old school pemmican!