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Pemmican is a mixture of tallow, dried meat, and sometimes dried berries. A caloric rich food, it can be used as a key component in prepared meals or eaten raw. Historically, it was an important part of indigenous cuisine in certain parts of North America and it is still prepared today.


Ingredients: Grass Fed Freeze Dried Ground Beef, Grass Fed Beef Tallow, Raw Honey, Organic Blueberry Powder, Mountain Salt 

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Gustavo Quintana
Great bars

Great bars ! Please provide the nutritional facts

Johnny Goldstein

Wow! I was surprised how great the blueberry pemmican tasted, most people would not even know their is meat inside. I hope they come back in stock soon!

Perfect for Long Distance Thru Hiking!

I'm so excited for Frankie's Pemmican bars, as I undertake a 1,200 mile thru hike to transcend debilitating chronic illness. Calorie and nutrient dense, compact, light weight, and made with quality, ethically sourced ingredients that even those of us with chronic health issues (and therefore a completely restrictive diet) can actually eat and benefit from. I would have loved having this quality pemmican when I was a personal trainer and fitness instructor too, before falling ill.

While the nutritional profile of these is beneficial for people both active and inactive alike, these pemmican bars embody all of the attributes vital to completing a successful long distance hike without breaking your back carrying so many bulky and heavy foods that wouldn't even come close to meeting your nutritional and fuel needs when hiking mile after mile, day after day.
I ordered as many as I could afford on a disabled income and when possible, will be placing subsequent orders for more, along with some Best Bars, jerky and meat granola. Frankie's Free Range Pemmican bars are a thru hiker's dream come true, though I intend to keep ordering them and eating them even when I'm off trail.

I would love to see a few more flavor options in the future for variety. Some options for free range bison, yak, venison, elk and goat pemmican with different varieties of berries, fruits and herbs would be amazing! Blackberry elk with thyme, and cranberry bison with rosemary for example. How about honey, citrus, coriander and nutmeg goat pemmican, and vanilla salted, cardamom-pomegranate yak. Apple and honey allspice venison and strawberry, honey and white pepper venison for instance...Whatever you do, please stick to using honey, rather than cane sugar, in all of your recipes too.
I'm grateful to this company for making something high quality that I, and others with mast cell disorders and autoimmune issues can actually eat. Thanks so much for providing an ethical product with superior nutritional value that tastes great! On my thru hike these bars will sometimes serve as stand alone meals and at other times parts will be incorporated into other ingredients to form meals. Regardless of how I eat them, I know they're going to be one of the staples of my hike. What a great product!

Chris Branco
Great product!

This pemmican is great! Great taste! Great product! It’s a great snack to have around. I highly recommend it!


I was not expecting this to be so delicious. I don't know how he does it but everything i've received is the best quality i've had. Be it the best bars, this product, the chicken broth. Please never close shop this is the kind of stuff i've been looking for for years.